Mystery Island

Max laughed sarcastically, “All the way to Australia! You must be joking!” Emily, Max and Harry normally had to fend for themselves as their Dad was an Explorer and went away lots. This time although, it would take a few months, so they were coming too. The next day they packed their suitcase and when their dad picked it up he fainted. When he woke up his words were “It was heaver than I expected!” A few days later they went to an mystery island. Sadly, on the way back their plane got shot so the rest contains a mystery.

The Minecraft War

Steve had an iron golum army versus Herobryan’s army and his monsters. “Attack!” Steve says. Every iron golum and player and villager attacked. “Finish them!” says Herobryan. All the monsters attacked and the war began. “Aaaaarrrrgh!” everyone shouted and attacked with diamond swords, golden swords and bows. “There are too many of them,” said Steve, “I’m going to need some iron golum help here.” About six iron golums threw the monsters up into the sky and saved Steve. Steve attacked Herobryan and killed him. “Aaaaaarrrrggh!” cried Herobryan.” That was a big war,” sighed Steve, “It was heavier than I expected.”

My heavy sister

It was a stormy night and my sister was  glancing through the window and she heard lightning . My sister jumped and got scared so I tried to pick her up my mum called me from up stairs but she said to pick her up .I said to my mum that I can not pick her up and she’s heavier than I expected . My mum told me to cook her dinner but the boll was to heavy so I called my mum from up stairs but my mum was to tired so I ordered pizza but my mum did not know.

the titanic

It was a dark stormy night when Ella decided to go scuba diving but not just anywhere were the titanic sunk she decided to invite some friends Anna and Poppy to go scuba diving with her so they all went scuba diving and after one hour Poppy started to get tired and wanted to go home but Ella and Anna wanted to keep going after twenty minutes they found the titanic they got really excited and wanted to take lots photos and wanted to take it home but it was heavier than excepted because of all of the heavy metal parts