The meteor shower of 2012

In 2012 there was a young boy named benny. He was very rich his family lived in a very big house in London. One day he heard someone scream meteor shower everyone run ! he called his mum and she came up to his room . She asked him what is the mater he said theres  someone shouting meteor shower .Pack your things said his mum were leaving .After benny packed he got into the car and they left the town the meteor shower was all over the contry by the time they reached thae airport the shower stopped everyone had a celibration.

Sad Statue

Once in every country there was a statue from a long time ago, like 200 years ago.  The statues were of soldiers who fought in a world war.  When the war had finished, the statues became friends.

the dragens

One time in the Purple Bone Inn was a fire-breathing stone dragon. There were two guys called Jack and Jamie who were looking after it. The innkeeper said, “Some people went to the tower of blueness in the Atlantic Ocean from Parasanme the second lord of the dark side.” one day they were looking for a new type of dragon to help them to defeat parazamie  and the dragon they picked was a fliying dragon and when they got there they were starting to relize that the other dragon was very sick . so they gave him s walkie  hair ew