under the sea

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lilly and she was a she loved to go to the zoo her favourite animal was a elephant so they went for her . birthday she loved the seahorses her the one she loved the purple  one the most.it was the and

Under the Sea 2

A long time a go there was this little baby who lived under the sea. She was a mermaid , her name was Marina. She grew up fast. when she was old enough she went to go in the sea alone. When she was on the way she saw some purple seahorses whi

Jessie’s life

Once in the mystical, magical ocean, their was a kind, caring mermaid also  known as Jessie, however,  there was also a mean, horrible, purple seahorse who had an  avocado every day for every meal . Jessie was in possession of her  mum’s magical tiara. As the seahorse was bad he always wanted to steal her tiara. As well as her mums tiara she was also gifted with a transforming tail which transforms into human feet. One day , she went  to the shops  and on her way , got stomped on by an elephant, all that was left of her was her bones.

The Baby Elephant with a Funny Name

“Mum, I’m thirsty!” said Purple the elephant as soon as she woke up, “can we go to the big stream now?” “Yes,” said her mum. But what she didn’t know was that it was a ocean. When they got there Purple started drinking, then she saw a group of seahorses rush by. In the afternoon, she was coming home from hunting and her mum saw a hunter. Purple managed to go in time, but Mum didn’t. Cautiously, she went from behind the tree but only saw a pile of bones and avocadoes which she ate for her lunch and dinner.

marshmello land

owns there was an avocado called boles avocado. When he was years old him  and his mum except to marshmallow land his mum got cort   by marshmallow guards and senter to prison for life now in 1897 he livs in a seacrt