when godzilla remebers when he was a baby!

One day Godzilla went shopping with his mum and dad. The next day Godzilla went to lego land and went on the spinning spider! I went to the nights castle and went to banquet hall. Looking back, I remember when I went here. My mum said to go to the sub place. It was a amazing! Then I watched cheese puffs. I went on     my         favourite ride EVER!

looking back when I was small

I will never forget the time when I was small and me and my sisters went    to feed  the ducks and I was only 3 when my sister put me in her dolly buggy  . One evening we  came back and we ate some delicious dinner  .After we went in the bath and got washed and washed our hair then got changed in pjs and we put a film on I glared at it . Then when I went to get my teddy  but it wasn’t there so I said to myself  it has vanished but I found it we went to bed .

stranger things

One day me and Yannick and Jack were playing The lego movie .  we were  in the villians base we were meeting ordinary robots then we meeted the B.O.S.S  lord business  doom was coming . We nearly ,nearly  won but unforntantly he had one thousand hearts left and we couldn’t  beet him.


I will never forget the time when I went to pleasure wood hills .I had a bunch of fun on the tiger rock water adventure ride. I got soaking wet. But the best ride, my favourite one was the marble madness. It starts slow but gets faster and goes up and down. looking back I remember having fish and chips for my lunch . After that before I left I went on the small dropper and soft play . it was so much fun I was on holiday as well .When I got back we went to the swimming pool and played .

Looking back a 5 years ago

It all started when I opened my eyes I could see my Mum my Sister and my Dad. One day my Sister put me in her dolly’s buggy and I fell asleep in her dolly’s buggy. My mum said be careful with her and my sister said I will mummy . But things started to change my mum packed and packed because we were going to move house but we moved in to my nanny’s house and my dad said to me its going to be ok and my dad said that because I did not want to move house yet.