A new challenger

In North America there was a boy called Max and he was in the middle of a semi-final of a xlr8ing race max was almost there all he had to get past was the lazors and you’ll never belive it he made it as soon as

The Golden Hen

One day ,a little golden hen came hopping along the corn field. Just then a boy called Max came along by the field he met the golden hen with a black fringe . After that , the little golden hen layed a golden egg . Max went home and told his mother what had happened . But she didn’t belive him what  hen is golden .After he had been washed  he went outside by only a flickering candle light


Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Rafi. He was a really nice boy. Once he was watching a flickering candle in church. So Rafi was 10 years old so he could go by himself. But it was really boring it was only speaking.So he looked under the bench. He found a toy that was a drone. He was aloud to wash a black drone because he had licence so he could fly it in church and then his mum and dad came and the mum had a fringe and the big dad had a black messy scrambled egg.

Mollies magic

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Mollie and a puppy called Ella. They lived in a house they flickered up and had breakfast  Mollie had eggs on tost Ella the puppy had dog food. Next Mollie went on a walk with Ella the puppy down the park and the river bank half way thro the park Mollies hands were turning red as Mollie was walking thro the park. Then Mollie had some magic. Walking thro the river bank. Mollie went  back home she had some dinner said Mollie. Ella still had some dog food bed time Mollie.

The Life of a Chicken

Once, long ago in a muddy farmyard, there lived a little chicken. The chick was born on 25th of June 1922 and has now passed away, but this is what happened. Living in a attached pen was a coal black runt, now resting in straw. Every day, Hazel- another chicken laid eggs for Farmer Tom. After, they would get washed thoroughly. The candle flickering, he would get tucked into bed and flick his fringe over his eyes, then blow out the  candle to fall asleep. “Another hard day done” dreamt the farmer in his sleep “But tomorrow is not finished yet.”