Planet Toy

Sydney was a beautiful land, Opera House, beaches  etc, etc, etc. Roseanna lived in harmony, a £149,000 house, with a bowling alley, a swimming pool sized hot tub and lodes more! But one day, Roseanna saw something strange, a beach full of platcicine figures!  So she went to investigate the funny scene of toys. She soon realised the toy rappers (who liked to steal land for toys) put them there. “Generally, they went for towns not cities,” thought Roseanna, but didn’t give up. She tried to fight and succeeded! She had saved the day once again, but got back to relaxing later.

The exstraurdaneary Stones

Once upon a time, There lived a boy he lived in Astrallia . One day he ran to the beach and he saw all the people  in his village were made of stone . He went over to see them and he saw that they were grey .So he painted the stone solid people red , blue , purple and yellow . Then he started to talk to them “hello John  he said to his best friend . He ended up having a long talk with them . Then he skipped around the beach talking about his stone friends . He went home and went to his room.


devils rule the world

Once upon a time  there were two boys  called  Max and Frankie . And they were the only two left in the world. Then  a boss devil  came and ruled the world forever. But it was only up to the two to boys and anyway you should know that . And the devil was looking for the two boys. Suddenly, the devil looked at  the two boys they were frightend . The two boys ran away as fast as they can.  Then they had a toot with them when they played the toot the devil went death . But there was a new devil.

the mini solders

Once there was a man called Oscar. He went to the beach every day. There were some mini solders on the beach. He liked all of them by the way. ”Who are they?” He was very scared. He let out a sigh. then another one and another and another one. “Will you look after us?” asked the soldiers. It was exhausting choosing a  mini solder, so he took them all home. The solders took all of the cereal and the cookies. They smashed the windows with a hammer and smashed the bin. it the worst day ever. so he gone.


Once upon a time there lived a boy called Chang and he was made out of iron.  How and were did he live? Well he lived under ground. So he made a new friend called Fred and  they had  a fight and whoever won got a medal and there was a really big audience. When the fight started Fred and Chang saw a maze of different coloured people.  Oddly, the people in the crowd were fake. Then the purple figure came to life and cheered.  He was the referee. Chang delivered a knock out punch and he won a trophy.