Once upon a time there lived a girl called Jeff. She had a power called I can disappear in pure air but she could only do in a cave but how could she just disappear. So she went to her room in her house  and she had lots of portals to go through  in her room and they each led to a distension at new nork.So she made her own portal that led to a tank so she could kill people in shops and houses.So she could jump really high into space and big planets in outer space and she was happy.

the demetor

One day a girl got sent to a portal. she got in the dementor’s base. They would suck all of your happiness. The old sticky joey came to rescue her but he got in the bronze guilt. Then he died. Harry potter came. Voldemort put her in the rope what put you in lava but Harry came to defeat him with joy. Harry defeated him with plesure. So the girl was resued. He eventully got the portal set up.  We won. The bad guys lost and happiness came all over the world with no evilness. We had a great time.

The girl who disappeared with the puppy

Once up one a time there lived a girl called Emma she had a puppy called Ivy she likes to play games. They to play outside in the garden. They went down stairs to eat breakfast Ivy had some dog food Emma had jam on toast. They went out for a walk on the walk Emma got her magic powers out and disappeared with Ivy. Mum called Emma sounded very odd. They went to a bronze shop in the forest they saw a valiant man in the shop Emma and Ivy rampaged out the shop. Mum called they went home.

The girl who disappeared

Once there were two girls and their names were Jessica and Mal. They sometimes argued but they always found a way to sort things out. One day they were just about to write a poem  when Jessica disappeared Jessica! shouted Mal got terrified she looked around the house she screamed she sat down on the couch and went on the internet

Lost Ellie

Once upon time there was a little girl called Ellie and she was a miner.  She worked in a bronze and emerald mine.  One morning she got lost in the caves and couldn’t find her way back. Back at home Ellie’s mum dad and brother John were at the church.