Christmas time

Once upon a time there lived Santa and his Elves. They were making  presents for the children in the world. They were exhausted making presents all day long. They went to bed for a bit . Then they woke up and made some breakfast.They continued to work hard during the day hurry up said Santa ok said the Elves. In the grotto they were very busy  making all the presents for the children. Mrs Claus was baking mince pies for Santa and the Elves as they were working very hard in Santa’s work shop . Santa started to load his sleigh quickly.


The Choir

Not long ago there was a concert, but the main thing was a sponsored silence to think about people who died in the war. In it we were silent for 2 minutes. Everyone celebrated but one person, Lilia. Lilia, didn’t like thinking about other people, she only cared about herself. She claimed she got tiered when she thought about other people but every one knew she was lying, but one night she had to come late in the night for a concert and everyone was exasted.

Jobs for men

Once upon a time there was 72 works men.And the boss makes them work for twenty-three horus, but they were exhausted .And the boss doesn’t care about them and evern people.He doesn’t care about life ever aging.Because what happened 32 years ago. He had a wife called Isabella and then Isabella refused to marry him and then the boss got angry so he stayed angry for the rest of his life.

Exhausted World

Once upon a time there lived some children called Ava, Alice and Yannick. One day they were playing at breakfast and they played lots of games and their favourite game was catch. When they finished their breakfast and popped up the stairs and got dressed and when they finished doing it they went to, drumroll please…Jump City. When Ava, Alice and Yannick got there they had to read instructions to stay safe and not get hurt. They jumped up and down on the trampolines all day, but they were exhausted and when they got home they went straight to bed.

Santa’s Night Out

One night Santa decided to go out to a big posh restaurant.  He ate mince pies, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate cake and took some carrots for his reindeer. Once he’d finished his big dinner, he was sick, so he went back to his grotto and saw how the elves were getting on.   The elves had made fifty thousand toys, but they were exhausted.  So they went to bed and all fell asleep. So the toys did not go to the children. So next night Santa had one hour too deliver the presents.