Once there lived a peaceful city underground  .  Just then, a man called  Klicho  had came back to town. Klicho was a mad man. The only people who could stop him was Super Slug and Super Swan! At night super slug and super swan went  to Klicho’s secret lair  to tie up his super special machine gun he used to kill many people. It was stiff and they thought  it was made out of every metal there was . So when Klicho woke up he was definitely a mad man. The police took him away to the colossal jail. “Well that was menacing!” sighed the heroes.

The scary gun

Once upon a time , there was a museum. My friend Naomi she went  there   every Saturday. One sunny Saturday, Naomi she woke up and said “its another day ”. So she got dressed  and went to the museum  .When she got there she sow a gun .Then she tied her scarf around the gun .Next miss Michelle she shot the gun and then it bounced of the scarf and Naomi saved the museum and miss Mitchel  was good for ever and was never bad again and Naomi lived with miss Mitchel .They were really happy together alone in a nice cottage .


The Mystery Of The Twisted Gun!


One day, someone found a twisted up gun. Master Kong probably did it to prevent the evil Devil Droft.

The next year, a man was exploring the  Forbidden Forest. Suddenly, he found a shrine he touched a pedestal near the shrine and he awakened DEVIL DROFT… “AHHH!” Screamed the man. When Devil Droft came he untied the menacing gun and used menacing gun.

The Devil Droft came to town and  killed lots of people. One hour later, Master Kong came and strangled Devil Droft. Then, he punched gun out of his hands and punched him with one hit.





One day,1000 years ago an evil scientist  made a mega gun. It shoots colossal bullets . The evil scientist started using it for killing stuff. When he fell asleep the good people twisted the gun . They put him in jail for  using it for killing . 1000 years later a man thought they could use it for good. The was thinking he could use it for making animals . so they never become extinct in the wild .