Once upon a time their lived 100 stick bots they always stuck to things.But today was different one of them chose to relax normally th stuck to things but this stick bot really wanted to relax so the other stick bots said yes.That stick bot who wanted to relax was the color gold.The rest of the stick bot made videos except one of them you know the one who wanted to relax finally,he stopped relaxing hooray cheered all the other stick bots so they went to make videos online after that they had a huge party and they had lots of fun.

nauty cat

one day a nauty cat  was  in bed and it was soop  hugry  wen the cat got atl of the bed  the cat  was looking be hid the door  it was a dog the  cat didoot  lick the dog idooe thelick the cat den  the door serdthe dog and the cat the dog was the anger  and the cat sow agar