In the beginning there lived a giant who was drinking a cup of tea. Just then, a tiny kite landed on his tremendous nose. ”Achoo! ”said the giant ”bless me’, and then he dropped his tea cup. ”Oh no dear me I’ve dropped my granny’s old tea cup. ”Oh no dear me,” sobbed the gloomy giant and went into his house. Later that day, Lucy and Leam  went to the park and saw a colossal tea cup. So they looked up and found a huge hand coming down .And  can


Avengers infinity wars


Once Nick Fury decided to make the  Avengers fight the wars we never could. Until it came to a war they never could either. Loki had opened a portal to Thanos and had let him through .The Avengers Captain  America, Iron man ,Iron spider ,Black  panther ,Hawkeye, Thor ,Hulk, Black widow, Vision ,Rode, scarlet witch, Bucky and Falcon couldn’t stop him. He had now gone looking for the infinity stones next time he was on top of a mountain Iron man shouted but how did he get up there? Cap said he jumped. Know after Vision for are great world

camping trip

One week ago there lived Freya and Charlotte.  They were camping. It  turned night. They were roosting marshmallows but sudlay …it was a storm.  I’m so reckless.’I hop it ends son” said Charlotte .”I climing on the tent’ said Freya”  but how did she get up there” shotid charlotte.” I am going to help you” said charlotte.

The mystery

Once a upon a time,  there lived a  group of girls and boys named Freddie, Daphne and Velma, shaggy and his tacking dog Scooby doo  . It all started a long  time ago. We were at home when suddenly the phone rang ”Hello fellow  mystery solvers. There is a robber on the AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH he is here! Please help me,”someone said. ”what is that ”.Daphne saw something it was the robber he was trying to get in to steal the queens crown they ran to the queens palace he got on the roof but how did he get up there they told the queen and he got in jail


One day, a  girl called Olivia was in  London. Her pet scampered  up Big Ben.  The lizard  was stuck  up at  the top of  Big  Ben.  The lizard was frightened  because it was so high in the sky. He looked down to the ground  and  was  frightened. Olivia wondered but   how  did  he get  up   there?  Then she  climbed  up Big Ben to save  her lizard. She climbed Big ben  recklessly. She grabbed  her lizard…