The Marathon Catastrophe

“321 go!” said the coach.

“I’m going to  beat you in  the marathon tomorrow,” said Sam Stick.

“This is only for fun its not all for winning,” replied his stick friend, Sarah.

“Shhh” said Steph Stick.

The next day … “Ouch, ouch, ouch,” said the competitive one, “My leg!” “What? Where am I ?”

“I’m so sorry sir  you’re at the hospital,” said the doctor, “There was a colossal tree that fell on  the stick people!”

“Is everyone  ok?” asked Sam. There stood a silence. “Umm are they ok, I said?”

“Unfortunately I cannot answer that question,” said the doctor. What had happened?

The sky wood

One lovely day, in a little house there lived three happy people. One hour the boy desided to go to the park. So the mum said ”lets get are wellies on then and go to the park” so the mum, dad and the boy went to the park. They drove because it was far but wen they got there they here’d a click the click was coming from above then lots of wood men came down and hit the ground it made a big bang wen he sore them he started to attack them then more came down and attacked

The adventures of Ralph

It began long ago, when terror rained over Arcadia. No one could stop Gunmar and Angor-Rot. But then came Jim, Toby,Claire, Arrgh and Blinkuss came. They may of been stickmen and woman but they were a kung fu machine but one day C  C C C C C C C C C  C CRASH they were deafeated. All hope was lost. Then the  stickmen turned into there natural self and Jim morphed into the troll hunter. Gunmar and Angor rot were toast . Just then Claire turned under the pale ladys control and brang Angor -Rot back to the great world Arcadia

moving statues

in a eerie forest there was some static karate sensais master Jim was thinking about arrrrrrrrrrrrg. the static statures wriggled around and turned real, Jim heard it and felt scared. HE FELT THE GROUND SHAKE CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCRASH!!!!!!!!! SUDDUNLY ALL OF THE TREES FELL DOWN WHILE JIM RUNED UNDER THEM. THE STATUES found clues were Jim was.  Jim was running the amulet fell off! Jim didn’t notice. the human-statues got it. Jim went out of the forest. He notice  his amulet was gone suddenly a colossal tree fell down and the human stickmen appeared with the amulet but Jim took it off them

The Dancing stick men

A few years ago, there lived stick men and they loved dancing. And they had five children called Louise, Lucy, Lauren, Leo and Luca. The next dawn Leo and Luca sneakily ran away to the the city and trashed all the bins.  They stood very still like real trees and every time people walked by they tapped them on the shoulder with their branches and made them jump. The naughty trees felt excited and joyful.  They took people’s food and stole people’s drinks. They ran back to their cave with the stolen food and they danced and sang beautiful songs.