the Zoo that had Talking Animals

Once upon a time, there lived six animals in a zoo. The animals were called… Alice who was a camel, Amy who was a giraffe, Anne who was a turkey, Phoebe who was a donkey, Maisy who was a turtle and an elephant that didn’t have a name. One day, Anne got fed by a rather unusual person. They had a bright red jacket, a blue hat and yellow winter boots. All of the animals were very confused. The next day, they went to bed and then the elephant delivered his speech, “Good night everyone, I hope you sleep well.”

The Toy Speech

One day, in the forest of the carpet there was a young toy elephant.                     The elephant was poor but had lodes of friends so he was happy .                         And there was a rich, famous and powerful King Lion.

One day, the Elephant saw a poster saying who ever saves the King Lion from the bed will win thousands of toy pounds.                                                            The Elephant thought “this is a great opportunity for a speech.”                          So he thought up a speech.

so on the stage  the Elephant delivered his speech ” if you find the king on the bed we can share the money!” end.




Once upon time, there lived an elephant  and many other animals and there was a lion and that lion was the king because he was the only kind of his species so all of the animals always worshipped him. One day the elephant bumped into the king and he invited him over for a feast. At the feast, there was lots of delicious food and everyone enjoyed the meal. Then the elephant delivered his speech.

For his speech hi said I love you all and thank you for in viting me to your feest your hinoos the mill was dilishoos.


The magical museum

One misty morning, there was a girl called Chloe.  She went to the local history museum everyday . But there was something different in the animal section, so she went to the manager and asked why the 100 year old Elephant wasn’t there. The man said, “We moved him this morning and are going to replace him with a different Elephant .”

The girl gasped  then said, “You can’t do that. This elephant has  been here for ages.”

Then the manager said, “Sorry I can’t help you.” Mischievously,  Chloe took the keys and went to the Elephant then  the elephant delivered his speech…

The rocket up in space

One early morning there was an elephant and a lion in the zoo.  Everybody  loved him . One morning an elephant who was on the other side broke out of his cage and went to talk to the lion . He said, “Can you help me become famous?”

The lion replied, “the lion said no ”                                                                                      The elephant started to, choke him  then the lion ,scratched him then the lion started to fly,.The and the elephant went up into the they flew into the shard and Giacomo was standing with coffee cup then  Giacomo defeat him with his  coffee/2minutes later/ .famous elephant  made his fantastic speech.