The Stupid Babies!

Have you ever been so amazed? Well, I have. All was quiet when suddenly the sky was filled with something awesome, babies everywhere, so satisfying. But this story is all about when something that happened surprisingly… All of the babies were ready to set off and deliver post when all of a sudden they could not fly. But then luckily they realised that they hadn’t called the cloud which they fly in. Finally, they started to deliver, when suddenly two boys called Yannick and Axel noticed the babies down below in the huge cloud and they both said…’Wow! I didn’t realise they could fly’. Then the babies hurriedly flew away.


















































































































































I’m going to tell you a story and you won’t believe happened to me and my friend Sofia last week. We were totally normal when a huge mass of wind came and picked us up all out of the blue when we heard a cackling laugh as we span around and around . Then something rapidly rushed past . As it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was . I could hear Sofia screaming as we went on threw the enormous wind . About an hour later , we arrived back in my garden . “Well that was a crazy , odd adventure” I exclaimed.

The Blood Sucking Unicorn

Once upon a time , wait this is not a fairy tale this is a story about the blood sucking unicorn …

well once there was a girl called hemrietta my sister . She was looking out the window and she heard a suden  nouis.She went to go and open the door as she opend the door she  heard a na . She pulled the door open she saw the blood sucking unicorn was very rare. Only eight people had seen the unicorn . SHE WAS SO afraid as it flew towards her she couldn,t see what was behind the unicorn it was unicorn catcher.

The Lonely Wolf

Hi I’m a wolf called Dawn. I’m a lonely wolf lost in the woods from playing hide and seek with my parents. I am gazing at the sunlit sky feeling forlorn. Then I started to remember my parents and when I used to frolic with them. Suddenly, I saw a mouse so we made friends. Then I saw something as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was. I smelt a stinky dragons breath right at my face I thought it was going to gobble us   

The Sky Ship Adventure

Have you ever ridden on  a sky ship? Well I have! It was 8 years ago  when I flew to The West Pole on a sky ship with Ella, Josephine and Alice. We were half way across the world when I  spotted something as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was but as it got nearer I could see exactly what it was! It was a bird wait not a bird a golden eagle. it was flying towards the engine! And before I knew it  was inside the engine. dead .We were starting to fall!Into candy Land!